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Indicatd topical tatmnt clinically typical, nonhypkatotic, nonhyptophic actinic katoss on th ac scalp in immunocomptnt adults.

Skip th missd dos and wait until th nxt tim you a gtting ady bd tus th mdicin. Dnot us xta mdicin tmak up th missd dos.

Th isk sv local skin actions may b incasd whn imiquimod is usd at high than commndd doss (s canadian generic dapoxetine for sale. sction 4.2). Howv, in a cass sv local actions that hav quid tatmnt and/causd tmpoay incapacitation hav bn obsvd in patints whhav usd imiquimod accoding tth instuctions. Wh such actions hav occud at th uthal matus, som womn hav xpincd diiculty in uinating, somtims quiing mgncy cathtisation and tatmnt th actd aa.

This poduct is not commndd us on childn und 12 yas ag unlss spciically dictd by you docto.

This is a summay th uopan public assssmnt pot (PA). It xplains how th Committ Mdicinal Poducts Human Us (CHMP) assssd th studis pomd, tach its commndations on how tus th mdicin.

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