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Albendazole arrests cell in the g2 m phase in a time and dose dependent fashion.

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ALBNZA is xctd in animal milk. It is not known whth it is xctd in human milk. Bcaus many dugs a xctd in human milk, caution should b xcisd whn ALBNZA is administd ta nusing woman.

Pgnancy: Avoid. Potntial isk tth otus has bn potd. Consult you doctbus, i you a planning tall pgnant.

Albndazol is indicatd th tatmnt a vaity wom instations. It is ctiv against whipwom, hookwom, oundwom, pinwom, tapwom and thadwom. It has alsbn shown tb ctiv in th tatmnt Giadia inctions in childn. Albndazol tablts may b chwd, swallowd cushd.

Commnts: Som clinicians commnd all houshold contacts inctd patints civ tatmnt, spcially whn multipl patd symptomatic inctions occu, sinc such contacts commonly alsa inctd; tatmnt at 14 t21 days may b ndd.

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the percent of drug released from guar gum matrix tablets of albendazole in the presence of colonic simulated fluids-i is shown in table 2.

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